Slub Yarn Is Getting Popular


Cotton Slub Yarn is Most Affordable & Desirable Now a days !!

Let’s find out a bit more about Slub Yarn.

Slub yarn is a simple but elegant and fancy cotton yarn used a lot in the textile and fashion industry now a days. Owing to its special look of being non-uniform texture, its popularity is increasing day by day, giving a fresh & cosy look every time even in the plain fabric. It is being developed during the making of most expensive cotton yarn Linen so the quality is high without a doubt . the knots in the Linen yarn making process is used to develop the Slub yarn giving its unique non uniform feature.

With the intensity of cotton, Slub yarn has a great shine of its own and that’s why its loved  in both Textile & Fashion industry  as it need not to be flat ( ironing ) every time to be used as its natural look is loved by all . It is suitable for all the products like Throws , cushions , fabrics etc and they match perfectly with all color themes. 

In Fabhome Cotton Throw Collection you will find a section Slub Throws , the product is available in 5 pastel shades suitable for all kind of seasons and interiors. The throw in this category are plain weaved and on both the ends you will find hand made braid tassels which looks like a weaved lace giving the whole piece a formal & elegant look.

The self shine of this yarn is very much attractive because of which all the shades look so well absorbed & perfectly blended . Current pastel shades are perfect for the coming spring & summer season and we will be Launching some bright Autumn & winter shades during Habitare this year on the popular demand of our customers.

We are happy bringing them every year in the new shades as they are the Best Selling Product with us and there is nothing more a Designer & manufacturer wants than seeing a Happy face of his customer!! 

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